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NICK BUTLER - The Vindependent

Having been involved in the wine industry for over 15 years, Nick’s experience has seen him play an active role in all facets of the wine industry. 

From Production through to wholesale distribution; retail sales; corporate events; and Wine Show Judging - Nick has put thousands of hours into honing his palate.  As part of the Len Evans Tutorial Group in 2013, Nick has tried many of the Great Wines of the World.

Nick's ability to speak about Wine to all people, regardless of their palates is a real strength.  Writing tasting notes for a number of well-known producers for a number of years has seen Nick's reputation develop as an astute judge of what's in the glass.  

He is not a cheerleader.  He will provide honest feedback and comprehensive tasting notes for producers who wish to receive them in confidence.  He will do the same for those seeking public review.


"Nick Butler is a talented and enthusiastic wine guy. His knowledge and understanding of both everyday and prestige wine is second to none. Unafraid to offer and debate his opinion, Nick can ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’ at any and all wine events". 

Peter Bourne - The Wine Man

"I've been very impressed with Nick¹s commitment to both the wine industry
and the wine show system. He is a great contributor around the judging
bench, happy to get involved in the conversation but also willing to learn
and listen to the points of view of those he is judging with"         

                                                 Samantha Connew - Chair of Judges, Royal Sydney Wine Show