2015 McLeish Estate Cabernet Sauvignon

McLeish Estate

Cabernet Sauvignon from this vineyard is often special.  The same vein of red earth that "Rosehill" and Lakes Folly rely upon, veers into the McLeish Estate Block.  While Shiraz from the site can be good, the late-ripening cabernet - even in tougher years like 2015 - can be exceptional.

This is not an inky, opaque behemoth.  The vintage shows itself quite clearly in the glass.

It is, however, a legitimate expression of the variety - with the same Hunter accent that Lakes Folly speaks with.  

Red fruits (raspberries and cherries), rather than blue, lead the charge.  Oak has been backed off to accommodate the vintage.  Winemaking respecting fruit.

No more weighted than you'd expect, the palate is fresh.  More high notes than bass.  Judging, as I do, all wines on face value, this will impress lovers of Chianti and disappoint those who hold Coonawarra in high regard.  The 2014 was a brilliant wine.

86 points
Drinking window - 2017 - 2025 
Price - $30 - Cellar Door
Closure - ScrewcapAlcohol - 14.6%

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